Thursday, 1 February 2007

Untitled 6

Minds fogged and clouded.
Words a meager remainder .
Black fades to gray,
a sweet aftertaste of what once was.
Sounds of death and life,
hands reaching out for revolution.
Dead poets lie forgotten.
The pain, so much.
Do you see the monkey?
Monkey see, monkey do,
the primate in you.
Turn your back on all you know.
Drink deep from the fountain of regret,
fuck the consequence.
It matters not at all.
Life will make us as it sees fit.
Some will go for the calling,
others, fall from grace.
Me? All I want is to top up my glass.
And all that remains?
A poor scrawl across the paper,
deserving of his memory?

Beauty in Life and Death

The shining brilliance of the mind,
blinding even against the autumn sun.
Leaves fall all around, each a tiny taste
of the fate that awaits us.
Blood reds
and rich deep golds,
each a sight to behold.
There is beauty in all things
but death.
There's something romantic
about the... The permanence of it.

To Future Friends

Two hours past 6am.
Been drinking since then.
Wow, I want to leave town,
Sick of hanging around.
Cos there ain't nothin left,
not here. Not for me.
We know life isn't cheap,
so I refuse to waste it.
Doing everything,
everyone expects.
I don't wanna die,
not with regrets.

Friday, 12 January 2007


There it is.
No it's not.
It follows me,
Leave, I demand.
A mocking silence.
I hurry down the hall,
My naked body vulnerable.
It stretches out
far beyond my eye.
The light,
That light,
Always behind me,
The light.
It stops
I turn.
That bright,
It's on the floor.
The walls and ceiling,
black emphasis.
Emphasis on my horror.
My hand flicks round a corner.
My arm stretched out,
longer than the silence.
Beat, beat, beat.
The drums of war?
My heart. Still going.
I cannot feel my feet.
So numb.
I'm stuck.
Run, run, run.
I round the corner
into the bathroom.
I lock and bolt the door.
My face is haggard,
I fear for life itself.
I am tired on the verge of coma.
Yet I cannot sleep tonight.
Outside, the light.
It's coming under,
under the door.
I can feel it.
She's outside.
I want to scream.
I want to scream,
to wake thew entire house.
I can hear her,
sense her,
taste her.
"Be gone harlot of death."
The light.
I know it's still there.
One last look in the mirror...
I'm old,
too old.
My face melts away before me,
and I see her.
She smiles and laughs.
Taunting me.
Toying with my soul.
My shaking hand reaches out.
I grasp the door handle,
it's cold. So cold.
I reach for the bolt,
slide it back slowly.
It's almost sexual in its movement.
I know she's there.
Biding her time.
Anticipation on my lips,
in my loins.
All I see are shadows,
cast from the light of the door.
I run down the hall.
She's there.
Splendid in her nakedness.
I feel death as she nears,
her long, icy fingertips.
My door a refuge,
My feet fail me.
I crawl like a dog,
her presence terrifying.
Yet at the same time,
an unsurmountable lust.
I spur myself onwards.
My door, my sanctuary.
I burst through.
Sense her leave.
She missed her chance tonight,
but can I escape my lust for long?

Am I the Monkey?

Monkey see, Monkey do.
Monkey say"I love you".
I love you, I do, I do.
Monkey drink, Monkey die.
Monkey never see you cry.
I see you cry, I die, I die.
Monkey want, Monkey love.
Monkey call you purest dove.
Oh my love, my snow white dove.

Untitled 5

We were on a one way train,
It was all or nothing.
We were a wreck,
But had our dreams.
We fell together,
Picked each other up.
But it was never meant to be,
Not love.

Untitled 4

She's my pick me up,
The pill I want.
One kiss can take my pain away.
Across the world,
I feel her there.

The Day is Gone

There was good,
there was bad,
there was alcohol
and lots of talk.
Drunken kisses,
Sober fights.


A land has been raped of life.
All the madman craves, war and strife.
Shadows of destruction mark the earth,
Then drop their load. Scars that burn.
Limbs lie scattered across everyone and all.
Lives, all pawns in the madmans game.
What one man calls liberation, I call oppression.

What follows no worse than that before it.
Bullets flying from both the teams,
Indiscriminate in mans aims.
Ripping life and flesh asunder.
Man, woman, child.
All these fine souls being liberated.
What one man calls freedom, I call murder.

Untitled 3

Come what may,
We are all lost.

Untitled 2

Surrounded even by beauty she stands out.
A crown of roses on the head of the false messiah.
Let her lead us onwards to all we desire.
All around let the cries rise to the heavens.
God is dead, God is dead, God is dead.

Untitled 1

Blue for the skies of creation,
Yellow for the scorched land of apathy,
Red for the fires of destruction.
Black for the evil that lives in our hearts,
White for the purity that lives in our soul.
Blue, yellow, red.
Black and white.
The most complicated atomic structure.
To live, whilst to destroy.
Hatred and anger.
Then great pyramids rise forth,
Yellow in their splendor,
For that is what shall truly test the sands.
Mere apathy.